Car Free

Anyone who knows me even a little bit has experienced my, uh, independent streak.  So more than a few eyebrows have been raised with the news that I have allowed a MAN onto the boat and am letting him move the furniture around.

I admit that at first it was difficult to let even this highly competent, experienced, thoughtful, careful carpenter/electrician/engineer/designer touch any of the systems I have struggled and sweat over.

But then he offered to sell my car.  You know the one.  I’ve had it since Dec. 2004, converted it to vegoil, drove across the country twice, spent several years developing a non profit to promote alternative fuels because of it…  and I couldn’t sell it.  After showing it for years and explaining every detail to anyone who asked, I could not switch gears and become the dispassionate car salesman.

The car was the last large object that tied me to land.  It was both a blessing and an obstacle.  Mark souped it up and made it go away, and to a very nice surfer dude who is going to have a blast in it cruising around in So Cal with his board racks on the top.

After that it felt easy to let my new Chief Technology Officer install a composting toilet (he drilled a 3″ hole in the deck!), solar panels, an outboard rail mount, and now he’s messing with an inverter.  All I need to do now is wave my paw and say “yes dear,” and he makes it so. Wow.

For that gift of ease and trust I merely had to let go of my clenched fear that somehow he would break something and leave me to clean up something I don’t understand.  What nonsense.  He’s the CTO.  If he breaks it, it’s his job to fix it.  In whatever port I navigate us to.

2 Responses

  1. You Rock Liv-a-board! Thanks for the great, fun, “boat cards”. Enjoy your journey.

  2. Hilarious! And how wonderful you let go and acknowledged you are smart enough to risk based on your own brain. Did you not know every last one of us hopes and prays for a guy who has a tool kit and knows what to do with it! some, like me, settled for a guy with a slide rule. You should see the angst when I asked could he hang a curtain.That quickly devolved to “oh for Godsakes, move over. I’ll do it.”

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