Timeless days of busy fullness

I had to look at the phone to see what day it is today.

We are anchored out in the mouth of the Petaluma River.  Surrounded by farmland and with urban-ity at a safe distance it is easy to forget the passage of time.  And yet we are busy with deadlines and projects that have screamed for attention for weeks.

Mark is fastening every last solar panel to the over-bimini rack.  Not only does that clear up space in the quarter berth, but it adds about 15 watts of gain to our battery charge panel.  The sun is charging my computer and the mifi internet access box as I write this.  Very satisfying.

I have a deadline looming for turning in the Dock Dorks cartoon book layout to the printer.  I have missed many a fun dinghy ride because I had to ink panels for the cartoon.  This self-imposed deadline serves to give some constant in the rest of our very ambitious schedule of learning to share life aboard a small vessel with someone else.

One Response

  1. Thank you for the update. I can now stop looking for both of you on my way home! All the best to the two of you.


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