White Out


The Alternative Press Expo was both overwhelming and less-than my great expectations set me up for.  What was I thinking?  This is a tough crowd!  I managed to ferret out the handful of boaters in the comic geek group.  I may do better at sailing shows, but this expo thing is energy-intense.  My great thanks go out to the friends who showed up to bolster my resolve and shlep the heavy boxes to and fro.  B & E, for example!  And I wore my Jacky Faber “Bloody Jack” t-shirt, as she is my literary sailor hero.  My table-mate didn’t show up so I eventually spread out over the whole table.



The surprise favorite draw to the table was the Hyacinth Heffalump.  Woven out of Delta Hyacinth, collected and dried and made by moi, the heffalump was a hit.  Many people asked to take pictures of it.





the goofy muppyety grin apparently caught the imagination of the cartoon crowd who stopped to check it out.

I enjoyed meeting other cartoonists and hope that this was the first step to becoming a regular part of the cartooning community.

Sunday night was absolutely stunning and mild.  I enjoyed the ball game from the sidewalk outside the park (even though the home team lost).

        And the next day the Bay was hit with

         a total white out.  I could not see

         the Bay Bridge from the marina.

       But I had to leave, because someone

      else had reserved my marina slip…

     And at first it went well.  A

circle of sunshine seemed to follow my

boat as I scooted out of the way of

the Millenium Star, barreling under the

Bay Bridge.  Then I got into familiar home territory and the curtain went down.  Wow.

There’s this thing called Dead Reckoning.  Not sure why it’s called that, but I guess I Reckon if you don’t pay attention, you’re Dead.  At any rate, I thank the folks who built the Berkeley Pier in the 20’s.  It helped me find my way back to the entrance of the marina as I bonged my oversized cowbell which rang elegantly through the fog.

And as soon as I tied up under the yacht club the fog evaporated completely.

Go figure.

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  1. Egads re the trip back across the bay!! And hope you had fun at the SF Fair and it was worthwhile for you. Sorry I didn’t make it up there. Weekends way to full these days, and then going back east for a bit in early Dec, and then Derek and I both heading to Tokyo for Christmas to see Tara. (OMG!!)

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