Despite the Golden Gate Troll that puts up a strong force field to keep the watery denizens of the Bay inside, I broke through and am on the OUTside now.  How thrilling is THAT?  The fog lifted just long enough for us to slip under.  Channel 14 Traffic Control said there would be no big tankers expected for a couple of hours, so we went for it.

The fog was like a curtain that came and went. The sun was on the other side.

We headed for the sun.

I have asked others what it is like to transition from the choppy Bay water to the Ocean.  No one so far has really offered a description that poetically does the experience justice. So here’s my attempt.

  If the Bay is a trot, the Ocean is a canter.  If the Bay is jiggling jello, the Ocean is a table cloth being shaken out and I’m a crumb.  The ocean swells are the undulating back of an arching cat and I’m a flea.

The environment of the landless water is alien at first and then you can’t imagine any other kind of world.

Choosing to go Out is to choose to put your body through a deliberate unfamiliar physical experience, like birthing or a car crash or flying.  Your body is out of it’s comfort zone for a period of time.  I think of the movies when the protagonists go from one plane of reality to another – like through a worm hole in Star Trek, or into John Malkovich’s brain.  It’s not necessarily comfortable at first but you are glad to do it, and do it again, and your memory of the queasy disquiet is short.  The thrill of freedom remains.

For some, the experience of On Ocean gets to be as natural as On Land.  Then you are hooked.

There is plenty to fear on the Outside.
But if you are dedicated to the idea of Safety, you don’t own a boat.

Going under the Golden Gate for the first time is a big deal.  It’s like a rite of passage, literally.  Like any other transitional phase, if you get the notion you have to do it, you will only feel regret until you make it so.

This is the Golden Gate Bridge as we leave it behind…

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  1. oh WOW cynthia great adventure and photos. I gather you’re not alone. bill and I had the same excitement when we entered the bay under the bridge Aaaaaaaahhhhh home sweet home.

    Oh the ocean outside the bay was boiling, thats my description. when both props are out of the water nooooooo control. I think having a keel is much much better than floating bathtub. Take good care out there. Hope your going to get some good seafood when you dock,


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