PupSack and Storms

I have a foldy bike but have not been able to use it since I got Austin.  The first time I tried to ride with him running alongside, he promptly zippered in front of the bike after a squirrel, and I ran over him.  He guilt-checked me for weeks afterwards as he forlornly licked his boo boo and gazed at me meaningfully.  So it was a happy day recently when Austin finally let me shlep him around in a bag I made deliberately to carry him.

PupSack3Between my Itzy clown bike and the big-eared dog looking over my shoulder, we got a lot of attention.
One little girl said, “mommy, why is that dog in her backpack?” the answer was, “because the doggy doesn’t have a bicycle.”

I have found that any time out from actual sailing time makes me a bit lazy.  There are a different set of skills and considerations for travel, at anchor, and at the dock.  Each takes a different kind of energy and attention.  But once back on the water, it’s the only place to be.MontereySail

The recent storm system that blasted through was not enough to prevent a visit to a local state park during a flood-warning, tree-breaking, high-wind downpour.  So glad not to be trying to sail in THAT!RainyDay

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