Inertia and the so-called Circle of Life

The dead bird count is shocking.  I thought it was bad in Half Moon Bay where the residents assume the pollution from commercial fishing suffocates the birds in the water.  But that’s nothing to what washed up on the shore in Monterey.

Mostly I saw the carcasses of Grebes, but also some Pelicans and Seagulls littered like a great battle of birds had played out on the beach with no survivors.  On two occasions I saw the birds while they were still struggling to stand, unable to lift their heads, flopping around piteously. Did the storm beat them up and only now wash them to land?  Is it disease?  Trash-consumption? Some sadistic otter or seal on the rampage?  Or just the Circle of Life, as some disengaged locals assert?

Inertia is not reserved for the dispassionate landlubber.  Sailors, too, become complacent, lulled by the reduced effort of dock life.  Easily seduced by the justifications that keep them from heading out again into the undulating ocean.

PS – Watch the Life of Pi in 3D if you want to see REAL undulating ocean in action.





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