Funky Time Travel

It is common experience that as you age it feels like time moves faster.  On a sailboat the phenomenon is amplified.   My last entry was about our New Year’s Eve victory of getting past Pt. Conception.  After a very surgey anchorage at Cojo ( akin to being rocked to sleep by an angry teenager; go to SLEEP, go to SLEEP), we had a beautiful sunrise trip to Santa Barbara.DSC03028

The water turned glassy and dolphins raced the boat as we entered the harbor and found the temporary tie up dock.  Santa Barbara is in a pickle because they are doing a major rebuild of their docks and so have none to spare to travelers.  We only managed to find a spot because we offered to double up in a 50 ft. slip and promised to leave promptly when asked.  When the yacht club opened on Wednesday we managed to use their docks for a few days.  Santa Barbara Yacht Club has the best nachos I’ve ever eaten.

Ventura was next and we absolutely loved how welcome we felt at the yacht club.  Austin made a little friend, Bella, who ran around with him on the beach.  We liked it so well there we got an application for the marina and are still considering returning there to stay for 6 – 8 months.


But since our goal was to tag up at Chula Vista before making a decision about where to stay, we got antsy and had to go.  Plus the Anacapa Yacht Club asked me if I would give a book talk for their Friday night dinner entertainment.  I made the presentation into a little movie you can see here.  While in Oxnard at Channel Island Harbor we also spent one night at the Pacific Corinthian YC where we had a delicious dinner and sat in the famed jacuzzi.  Bliss.

The next leg to Marina del Rey was promising to be ten hours long and we were ambivalent about leaving.  It is VERY easy to let inertia take over your cruising brain.  Life goes on with bills to pay and contacts to maintain, repairs to make, provisions to buy.  Time whips by at a snail’s pace and it is easy to become overwhelmed in the bizzy bizzy chore cycle.  There have been no dull moments.

Coming soon, the trip to Marina del Rey…





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  1. Good to hear from you Cynthia, finally. Was getting a wee bit concerned.

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