Secret to a long life…

…is knowing when it’s time to go.

I’m not sure who said that, but I heard it in a Michelle Shocked song.  Sounds true.  Now here it is opening day weekend and we’ve been in the same harbor for almost two months, rubbing elbows with some fancy neighbors.

Austin at Del Rey YC

The rhythm of cruising is hurry up and wait.
* Arrival in a flurry of sensory expectation; new sights and sounds wrapped in a familiar watery backdrop.
* Investigation and discovery come next, plus the inevitable thought, maybe we ought to stay here for a while.
* Routine starts relatively quickly.  Easy to become “Regulars” at the local Starbucks or library.
* Fidgety restless chart reading ensues accompanied by rationalizing changing venues. When you have no reason to be anywhere, rationalization is essential.
* Anxiety about imminent departure sneaks up.  Best not to tell anyone when you’re leaving.
* Relief when back on the water.  Whatever hesitations you may have had have vanished with the wonder and delight of that other salty world.
* Landfall feels too soon and the cycle starts anew.


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