Island Time

The fog that has pillowed my travel in Southern CA waters may be lifting.  In each port I have looked for indications that I could stay put for a while.  Become part of a community.  Many places had strong draws but ultimately I moved on. I see it as the rhythm of the cruiser.  Go, stay, go go go, stay, go, stay stay stay… DSC03077 In some ports the bureaucracy was too demanding and menacing.  Port authorities presented bizarre paranoid hoops to jump through.   Some communities were disjointed and  disinterested.  Some places I didn’t really connect with anyone.  Other places I didn’t have enough time with the cool people I met – like the fabulous folks at the Seal Beach YC.  Wish I could have spent a week with you guys!  Sailing back to San Pedro from Alamitos Bay I succumbed to the sin of racing.  A Cal 24 was gaining on me and I started consciously trying to stay ahead of it.  I miscalculated and went around one of those man-made oil islands and was then in the work boat thru-ways.  A big bumper work boat with 6000 horsepower motors on them roared up and blasted his horn just before his wash knocked my momentum wonky.  What was the point of that?  Rude little boys.  Sound your horn so I can get out of your way in time, or go around.  It’s a big bay.  Idiots.


This is the scary Port Police boat that came to collect my paperwork at a free anchorage.  I guess they are the largest port on the coast so maybe they have a right to be paranoid and nervous.  I decided to flee to the Island to find more hospitable waters.DSC03083

Along the way during the picture-perfect sail we had a wee little wardrobe malfunction.  Fortunately it was a parted seam and not a tear.  I will be able to hand sew it back up with no trouble.  We have the technology.DSC03088At some point I noticed that the water turned a ridiculous Disneyland Aqua blue.  So clear you can see the critters swimming around under the boat.  We made it in to the mooring in time to walk dog, get a bite to eat and go to the movie just as it started playing at the 1920’s Casino building (not a gambling establishment).  The movie was Oz and was beautiful and colorful, but nothing compared to the theater murals when the lights came up.  My wow was amplified when, stepping outside, a perfect cheese orange full moon sat in the sky lighting a path across the harbor – again did Disney have a hand in this?  All of us exiting the theater remarked at how amazingly fake it looked in it’s perfection.  It would have been a jaded comment if we weren’t all grinning like idiots.  Down the pier, to the short dinghy commute and I slept like a rock on my first night in Avalon.

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  1. Yeah, the folks at seal beach rock!

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