Whale Footprints

I didn’t know whales had feet.  Google “Whale Footprint” for pictures on line.  My mouth was too busy hanging open to take any of my own photos.  I saw about a dozen of these slick spots in a line right after two whales gave me a full fluke wave ( their tails were wider than my boat was long!).  I only recently learned that the strange group of floating smooth bits were made by the whales.  That solves that mystery.  Sort of.

Spending the day on the water as deckhand on Afishinado Charters.  Fun stuff, that.  Zipping around on a luxurious multihull, bringing joy and amazement to the passengers who don’t usually get to see the nifty water creatures out there.

One Response

  1. Those strange smooth pieces of whale stuff could be worth a lot of money. The perfume industry has used whale puke for centuries to hold the perfume scent. It can be worth 1000’s or 10,000’s dollars. It is still gathered today on the west coast of Ireland. It could sure add value to your cruising funds!

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