I can see that I will have to invest in a wind generator for the boat.  The sun doesn’t shine consistently enough to keep the house batteries happy.  Or the panels are so old (10+ years) or inefficient, or badly installed, that they won’t function.  All I want to do is charge my computer.  I use no fridge, and my evening glow shines purely from the 12-hour candle and the solar boat light.  The oil lamp works but is too stinky.  Must get different lamp oil.

So if anyone knows of a really efficient and QUIET wind generator, I’m interested in learning more.

I have a “smart” battery charger that is “smart so you don’t have to be.”  But since the boat hasn’t been plugged in to shore power for a month, it’s not so smart after all.  Ha.

In two days another device will add to the charge demand.  I’m finally joining the dark side and getting a so-called Smart Phone. I’ve been out of contact with the world long enough.

So I have become expert at finding little spots out of the wind where it is acceptable to sit and work on the computer while charging.  I don’t mind the change of scenery.  I hope no one minds me lurking in the corners.

May 1st will mark one year that I have been adrift and without a dock to call my own.  I am no longer, technically, a Dock Dork.  I am, rather, a Buoy Bimbo.   Ya, sure.


3 Responses

  1. Dear Buoy Bimbo, Once again, I find myself mesmerized by your unique writing skills and ability to put your adventures into the written word. What a treasure you are sharing with us land lovers. I am right there with you feeling the seals and pelicans bump your boat in the night while foraging for their dinner. Wow! Great descriptions! I can feel the cold fog, smell the salt air, hear the slapping of the waves against the side of your boat………….

    Give Austin a great hug for me.

    Elizabeth H.

  2. Congrats on your one year anniversary adrift aboard Cynthia! Sounds like your adventure has been a splendid one. Hope you can get some more renewable energy aboard soon to solve your power problems. 🙂

    • Hey Mike,
      Installing the solar panels correctly did wonders. No power problems anymore. Note to self, do it yourself to do it right!

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