On the Rocks

It’s official, I have now earned the title Doofus after drifting up on the rocks yesterday.  I was doing fine until the motor cut out.  I think it has a low idle problem.  Now that I have a manual I will fix it.  That was embarrassing.  No damage done, save to my pride.

I’ve been moving around a bit because when the swells are too big in the harbor it gets a little pukey on the boat.  Shifting to a different mooring can make all the difference in the world; such as when we had a Santa Ana coming in and I came back to find my dinghy gone.  Actually the whole dinghy dock was gone and there was no access to the water.

The patrol came and picked me up and found my dinghy for me.  Apparently when the bumpy water comes in they pull the docks to the side so they won’t bash to bits.  Good plan.

And I finally got a little trip into the interior.  This place is Never Never Land meets Jurassic Park.  IMG_0031

I have been riding twice at Middle Ranch (I always think Middle Earth, as in The Hobbit), and yesterday came to a point during a trail ride when the view took my breath away.  I had mountains, ocean, and horse under my butt all at the same time.  A fantasy come true.Interior

Austin is considering running for Mayor of Avalon.  He has been Glad Pawing all over town, expanding his Pack daily.  This place is good for him – and I think good for me too.DogTiles

3 Responses

  1. OK, welcome to the club. If a sailor has not run aground they really don’t spend that much time on the water, unless they hit the rocks and just quit sailing altogether.

    Since meeting you and Austin last December in Morro Bay, I enjoy your postings and of course Vol -1/Issue – 1 of Dock Dorks was a great hit as a stocking stuffer at Christmas.

    Safe Sailing

    • Thanks Tim, I regularly wear my Morro Bay YC jacket here in Avalon. Warm and dry. It was a great memento for a fun visit. Tell the MBYC folks that I’m still making free boat cards ($9.30 FedEx shipping for 500), and to make sure to find me if anybody makes the trip to Catalina. Is Jr. Commodore Pat still AWOL?

      • I failed to mentioned that my wife and I live in Buffalo, NY, Morro Bay is not our home port. We both lived in California, I graduated from CalPoly. I was checking out Morro Bay as a possible winter sailing destination, we think MB is a great community.

        We sail at Niagara-on-the-Lake Sailing Club, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. The majority of our summer sailing is on Lake Ontario. We just launched our boat last week and are prepared for a great season.

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