Weird Weather

IMG_0082Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises. Sounds, and sweet airs, mist, hot and cold gusty winds, that give delight and hurt not.  Well, mostly not.  Anyone who thinks this island is not enchanted is badly mistaken.  Witness the last two days.

On Sunday, Mother’s Day, we had a white out that very nearly pooped our sightseeing trip on catamaran-extraordinaire, Catallac.  Fifteen short minutes before picking up our passengers the sky cleared as if it had never held a cloud in all that seamless blue.
The dolphins played hard to get but the barracuda were abundant chasing bait fish that chittered the water ahead of the boat.

Monday afternoon the wind got weird and blew as-hot-as-a hair-dryer-on-high from the land side.  After my evening broadcast at KISL 88.7 Island Radio (during which I played a recorded segment of Captain John’s Buffalo Beach story from Sunday), it was still as hot as an oven outside.  A cold beer was required before rowing my dink back to my boat across the harbor.

This is when I knew some magic was afoot.  My right shoulder received the baking heat from land while my left shoulder clearly felt the cool breeze from the ocean.  Flags flew next to each other in opposite directions.  The sparkling stars and occasional green meteor prevented me from sleeping until 2 am, so now I need a nap.

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  1. nice descriptions C!

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