Serendipity Rules

I am not a church-goin’ type, but I do have a kind of faith.  It is a faith in the abundance of the universe relative to my awareness and attitude.  There is nothing I have ever wished on a star for that has not come true   – but here, the “be careful what you wish for” saying is relevant.  I cannot predict how the wish will manifest itself.  The more simple the wish and the fewer expectations about it’s solution, the better.  And I have to be open to seeing the solution and willing to accept it.

When the sewing machine disappeared with the ex-boyfriend, I figured I was done with sewing for a while.  And after the monster cockpit cover project was done,  I had no desire to get into it again. But that was a year ago and my memory has fuzzed over with time about the bad bits, particularly as I enjoy my beautiful sunroom daily, that that struggle produced.

I have been gearing myself up for hand-sewing my pirate costume, figuring that if I started now I might be done with it by October Buccaneer days. Then there was a request from a neighbor to help with a boat canvas project.  And then I was invited to the weekly quilting group here in town.  And then, today, I happened by a garage sale where the all of the clothes were my size, and  – a sewing machine was brought out as I was standing there.

This local boy had a wish for a fish, apparently.  It was so big he could hardly hold it up.

IMG_0233Hallelujah!  Thank you abundant Universe.


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  1. Very nice Cynthia, stay in your element and all will be well.

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