Survived the Festivities

Avalon had a double whammy celebration week set with first, the Centennial of the City of Avalon followed by the Fourth of July (and busiest weekend of the year).  In what I consider a major coup, I was not bumped out of the harbor for the duration of the party and so spit shined the boat and put up flags.IMG_0354In the parking lot of the harbor it was easy to spot my boat.  This is what the harbor looks like chocka-block full.

Avalon Harbor Full Up 070413I was at the radio station on the fourth as DJ for the beginning of the day-long live concert that we simulcast from the Casino stage area.

IMG_0371If you didn’t catch that concert and want to check it out you can go to and there should be a link to the archive soon. Getting the sound out was made a bit harder because both the wifi and cell phone reception went wonky this weekend.  Too many people trying to use it, I expect.  It was so intermittent it was as good as shut down.

In other news, I had the privilege of visiting with the new falcon babies as they attempted their first flight on the ball field.  Here are the little featherheads.  They still need names, so if you can think of some good ones, please send me ideas and maybe you’ll win the naming contest.

DSC03092 DSC03096Aside from that, new cartoons going up on the web soon.  I’ve been forewarned about “the August Uglies” that hit folks here who are wiped out by the crowds coming through.  Hopefully I’ll have nothing to report about that.  And we have all of July still to get through.

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