Winter is coming on and, yeah, I know winter in SoCal ain’t no big thing, but there are storms and such to consider.  Plus they take out the dinghy docks and make it wicked hard to get to land.  First mate Austin is going under the knife next week to remove the pesky anal glands (I’ll spare you the details) that have plagued him for the four years we’ve been together.  Extra hydration means extra pee breaks and extra rowing in to the non-existent dinghy docks.  Plus post surgery healing time.  Not sure what’s going to happen with that.

The falconry program for which I have worked since June has, itself, been abated.  Well, the contract has expired and I am now looking to create a Coalition of interested parties to fund the pest bird management for the next five years.  No small task, it involves finding a suitable vehicle and housing for the PBAT (Pest Bird Abatement Team).  Wuff.


The radio show plugs away every Monday at 11:30.  I have made a page on my web site where you will be able to listen to archives of the show.  

There’s a new community TV show on at 6 pm Wednesdays on Channel 3.  I’ve been providing brief little movies for them.  Also findable on my website soon.  Here’s the link to the Falconry Trailer I made:

I’m teaching social dance on Thursdays at 7 pm at Tremont Hall, and have already signed up for the three day Swing Camp in November here on the island.  Check out

WordPress has even changed the way we blog.  I didn’t get the memo.  It’s so unnerving how fast the internet world changes.  Just when you get used to the arrangement of your phone company or bank’s home page, they smoodge it around, as if rearranging the pieces will improve anything.  Why do they need a “new look?” I’ve had the same “look” since high school and it hasn’t hurt me any.  Well.  Mostly.

Still here.  Still kicking.  It’s Cruise Ship Day and we are hiding on the boat. 






3 Responses

  1. YAY! A new entry! Glad to hear from you, but…but…damn! Poor Austin! And poor you, trying to find safe anchorage for the dinghy!

    Best of luck to you as you enter the winter months down there. Up here in SF Bay, we’re getting blustery winds already. Should make for an interesting winter afloat. (Yeah, I’m already pricing cabin heaters. Yikes.)

    • Thanks for caring, Cap’n Dave. Sometimes blogging is a lonely sport.

      No cabin heaters for us on the buoy. Just the 104 degree dog and a new sleeping bag. But then, this is So Cal.

      Fair winds…on the Air Waves. Tune into the Boaters Talk Radio show called LifeLines that I host on Mondays from 11:30 – 1:30 at KISL Avalon 88.7 FM – live streaming at (On the 28th we’ll be playing a rerun).


  2. Hi Cynthia – your face crossed my mind today so I checked in and there you are in Avalon. Sounds like you’ve carved out a good niche there, on the radio, with the falcons, in paradise. Hope Austin will be okay. best, jeanne

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