Winter Wonderland

December is a Blue Moon month (there are two full moons before the year’s end).  Full Moon is a big moon, closest to the Earth, and this is the biggest all year which makes for a King Tide.  Highest and Lowest.  Sloshiest.  Gravity gone wild.  More water content moving in and out means more swells.  Big rolling rippling chunks of water that throw boats around like crumbs off a tablecloth.  Top that off with 30 mph winds on the nose (from the East, in our case) and 46 degrees you’ve got a cold, busy-motion ocean.  Not particularly conducive to sleeping.  Promised two nights of that, I went to stay with a friend on land on night two.  Austin had had enough and I didn’t want to put him off the whole boat idea. When your mast sways side to side it is called Metronome, front to back,Hobby Horse, all around, the Washing Machine.  We had the latter for five hours until daylight when we abandoned ship to go find coffee and breakfast.

If I stay prone during the churning I don’t feel ill, it’s when I try to accomplish anything that I get sick.  Accomplishing anything lately has been futile so I’ve been doing a lot of laying low and living moment to moment.  At present I’m fed, rested, with a warm sun on my back and a happy dog at my side.  I would be greedy to want anything more.

I have received a few requests for copies of Issue Two of the LiveAboard Series.  Believe me you I would like to grant those requests but it is not done yet and cannot get printed until I have about 40 more business card referral orders.  See below:

ImageFor every new customer I send to, my printer, you get $40 off your first order and I get credit toward my next print project.

Namely, The Berkeley Bubble.  Don’t you want one?


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