Boats and Dogs both have a way of letting you know when you’re not paying sufficient attention to them.  Austin tucks himself into a very tight defensive ball and gives me baleful, sarcastic looks and grumbles and sighs.  He’s doing it right now.  La Bonita starts to smell funny, like any home that has been left un-lived in for too long.

Yes, I’ve been spending some time on land.  It’s because of syzygy.  Greek for “yoked together,” as when three celestial bodies line up.  New Moons and Full Moons are often times of syzygy of the Sun and Moon, throw the Earth in there too, and you get wonky gravity and extreme tides.  Then the boat begins to behave like an angry horse, pulling and tugging and lurching.  It can be quite menacing.  And puny-making.  So we’re staying at a friend’s hotel until the waters settle. 

But that’s not the end of syzygy for me and Austin.  We are aligning with Avalon as we get yoked together, for better or for worse.  I have a year lease on an office now and finally moved the 400 lbs of comics out of the v-berth.  So many other things have come off the boat that the water line has dramatically changed.  The holding tank has not been an issue this past year, and now I think it is because there were so many objects between it and my nose that I didn’t smell it.  And I have a very attentive nose.  Now those things are gone and to address the ew de head, I made a headliner fabric cover for the tank, and sprayed it thoroughly with Febreze.  That seems to work.  I’ve also had all the barnacles scraped off the hull and La Bonita is going to be ready to sail again soon. It’s been a whole YEAR!  How did that happen?

Below: Cruise Ship Sygyzy

3 Responses

  1. I believe you have settled in now. Rufus sends a sniff to Austin. 😉 And I send a hug to you.! Good luck on your land dwelling! There is another Cynthia (Cindy?) artist on Catalina who works (worked) for Rigley as a mural painter. When not on the island, I believe she lives in Ashland, Oregon. I met her in Dunsmuir, Ca., when her kids were playing in a “ska” band. Have you met her yet? (small island)I knew her 10 years ago. I can’t remember her last name though?
    Enjoy the journey.

  2. Syzygy – I haven’t noticed it so much up here in SF, but then we have a floating dock that Serenity is tied to. I HAVE, however, noticed that the tide has tended to go out very rapidly and take its sweet time coming back in, so…yeah.

    Miss reading your comics, but enjoy reading your adventures!

    • Hopefully comic-making will return soon. The comicpress site upgraded (who moved my cheese!!!) and I did not ” migrate ” the old comics properly, so it’s slow going to bring it back. The next issue of The LiveAboard will be printed faster if you and everyone you know orders free biz or boat cards from with my referral code: RP1JT7C56 or just send folks to this page for all the info:

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