Spring Sprang Sproing

Austin is irritable. He’s not getting what he wants and he can’t exactly “use his words.”  Sometimes being a dog, bites.  He lets me know that dinner, or the amount of attention he is getting or how much time he has to spend in our office cave alone is unacceptable. This is what it looks like.

Image Then he complains because all of the stuffing is out of his bed and his bed is lumpy and hard.

The rolling motion of the ocean got to him last night and he sighed loudly and grumbled sarcastically.  We jumped ship at first light.  The buoy is proving to be a challenge.  He has complained about the lack of sunshine in the office cave and so I take him outside to take in the fresh air as frequently as possible.  I’ve been working a lot and that leaves him either on the bouncing boat or in the cave. 

Image   ImageImage

That last picture is his dinghy crate hammock.  Keeps him warm and dry while underway.

  Image  He is the Neighborhood Watch too.

We are in a holding pattern right now.  Waiting and watching to see what opportunities present themselves.  Not unlike fishing.
You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging  – without the adventure of a trip it seemed, um, even more frivolous than usual. 
My mantra continues to be:  Anything Can Happen and Usually Does. 

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