Suspense and Squishy Floaty things

Waiting to hear your fate be revealed is nerve-wracking in the extreme.  I have applied for some pretty interesting jobs, and so far have been turned down for half.  I try not to take this personally.  I’ve been on the hiring side of the thing and it’s not easy to choose.  So I have been thinking about other things.  Like this weird squishy floating dead thing in the harbor.ImageIt looked like someone misplaced their brain.

Which I sometimes do. 

And then I started imagining my little Tiny House in a perfect location.Image

The golf course has great views, super lawns, and nice flat areas to park in.  Image

Somehow I don’t think the Island Co will go for it. 

And did I show you how Austin insinuates himself into Imageevery situation?

These are the things I think about when I




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