Apprentice Interruptus


In March I stopped working for On the Wing Falconry and I thought it would be a long time before I got to spend time with raptors again. Not so! I am now working for the owner of Adam’s Falconry Service and have started my two year apprenticeship clock for real.

I hung out with Lee Lu the female Harris’ Hawk and Tyrian the crabby Aplomado for a day.  Lee Lu decided by the end of the afternoon that I might be ok, as far as humans go.  Tyrian, however, stomped his tiny little feet and said, “you’re not the boss of me! I don’t have to do what you say!” and other things you might utter to an unwelcome substitute teacher.

I know that I will win the teeny raptor over in time.  I just can’t let him eat so much right away.  Teeny bites for a Teeny Birdy.  I can’t be mad at him, he’s too cute.

If you are wondering what that vehicle picture is doing down there, that’s the style van I am considering for my falconry mobile.  I did not imagine I would be seeking a car again so soon.  It’s been ten years since I bought my last car online, sight unseen.

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  1. If I were to buy another van it would be one of those. Where are you adventuring now? SoCal? Enjoy your apprenticeship

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