PRINT The Berkeley Bubble – Vol. 1, Issue 2 of The LiveAboard Series

For the first issue of The LiveAboard Series, Dock Dorks, I tried KickStarter to raise some funds to finish that project.  Despite not knowing much about social media, I raised $6k of the $10k (much of which would have gone to fees and taxes) in one week.  KickStarter rules are that if you don’t raise the whole amount you get none.

So I am trying GoFundMe on the advice of a friend.  There is no deadline for how long the campaign goes, and I can keep improving my pitch, rewards, etc. along the way.

See here for what I have going so far:

If you have any ideas for how I can make the cartoon fundraiser more compelling, please tell me.  I find I start wallowing in a “why would anyone help me?” place that’s dumb but has something to do with the nasty subconscious voice of judgement.  Who has, by the way, appeared in other comics of mine as it’s own character…

GypsyLifeYou can see that comic and the Voice of Judgement Bug more clearly here.

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