I am not sure how it happened, but it looks as if I may have moved back to land, 3 years before my arbitrary 10 years was up.  The falconry is picking up and I got a job in the boonies where I can keep a kestrel or red tail for a season.  This does not end the boat saga, but it changes it significantly.

E-Flyer3For now I am glad to have a real kitchen, fridge, FREEZER, and daily contact with critters of all kinds.  Austin is thrilled to have his own couch.

Help me catch up with finishing the rest of Vol. 1 of the LiveAboard DocuComic series by ordering 500 free business cards so I can get printing credits to make issue 2, The Berkeley Bubble.  FedEx requires $9.30 for shipping, but I will do your layout for free.  See this page for more info.

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