Spring Book Bling

It is most definitely Spring in So Cal.
The Acacia has already come and gone, leaving that nostalgic sweet scent wafting about
that used to be my favorite flower and now gives me a horrendous sneezing fit.

IMG_2928At the New Year we had a two day and 6″ deep snow blast that was all we got of winter
( nothing like what our friends on the Right Coast with 7 feet of snow have to deal with right now).

YardSpring flowers are bursting out all over, decorating the most dour of expressions on the most fearsome of beasties.
This is Nikki.

IMG_2944and I have a book about to come out on Amazon
Pest Bird Abatement Using Falconry: The Client Guide

Book Cover PBA
Written for anyone burdened with solving a nuisance bird overpopulation problem.  I wrote this to give administrators and managers a short cut into the Falconry-based abatement Q & A and decision-making stream.

If you see little birdie terrorists having their way with someone’s lunch or garbage cans,
feel free to mention this resource to whomever appears to be in charge!

Alas, The Berkeley Bubble, issue two of The LiveAboard DocuComic Series is still not finished.
I need to rack up more referrals to the print for less shop if I’m going to get it printed.
It would cost a fortune to print it through Amazon.  Full color and all.
That means finding more people to take advantage of the referral deal of
500 business cards designed for free by me and printed for free by PFL and shipped for $9.30 by FedEx.

Know anyone who needs a nice biz card?

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