Raptor Obsessed

I have been watching birds during my morning and evening walks with Austin.  We saw this Juvenile Red Tail getting harassed by crows.

HawkFlyByHe is in a light phase of coloring and is molting, as you can see by the gaps in his wing feathers.  It made him easy to recognize.  And a few weeks later there were two of them, both settling back into one, tall, waving palm tree.
Today, the molting one came low to check me and Austin out and Austin barked.  The bird, about 6 feet above my head, visibly flinched, and then came back for another look.

White Belly

Then the other red tail in the palm tree started crying the hawk alarm for DOG! or canine, or coyote.  So I returned the call.  And then there were TWO hawks circling me and Austin low, and the alarm was still on from the Palm Tree.  Three juvenile red tails hanging out together?


Too soon for babies to be out and about.  This is a mystery.

In the meantime


No matter how loud I talk, Tyrion has to upstage me.

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