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On the recommendation of a friend I checked out a Writing and Illustrating blog by the Kathy Temean at the CATugueau Agency that features different artists and authors over the course of the week.  They put my work in today, Sunday October 4, 2015.  https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/

I picked the two (two and only two) pages that showed the central conflict of the story but it would have been more fun to include some of the other brighter pages.  The very last page can be seen here.  I used to have the whole thing on line but apparently the link is broken.

What I have learned here is that people are generally not savvy about the natural world.  What “lizard” lives in water?  Maybe it would have helped if I said the title was Nothing Bothers Newt.  And who hasn’t seen algae?  I take it for granted that other people are as interested in the natural world as I am.  Oops.  My bad.

Anyway it was nice that they looked at it and put it up for review.  I probably should have sent in the most recent picture book project, but I always had this idea that Newt has been overlooked.  He probably needs a face lift.

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