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  1. Hi there, We have been living aboard and sailing slowly around the world for the last 4 years.. Can you have a look at our website and blog and consider adding it to your list.
    Regards.. Mark

    • Hello Mark and Cygnus III crew ! Nice website. Brilliant life vision. You might want to check out written by Bob Cooper who set out on a similar journey with his wife Liz in 2004. Countrymen of yours, I believe. Thanks for reading. I’ve been preoccupied with landlubber concerns of late and it’s good to know that someone is still looking at the website.
      If you guys are able to Skype or call internationally I would love to interview you for my boat-centric radio show LifeLines on KISL Avalon 88.7 FM. If interested, let’s figure out how to set that up.
      Cheers! Cynthia

      • We will still be in the marina for another month so I am sure we can sort something out.. thank you.

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