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I don’t feel guilty about enjoying the apartment.  I visit Bonita and maintain her, but right now she, and that liveaboard life, are in stasis.  Austin has more room to prance and play chase the cookie.  He is safe and comfortable when I go off to work.  Our unit is oriented away from the direct sun and so we stay cool in the shade of the trees even on days like today when it is promising to exceed 90˚ F.

I have a beautiful kestrel house that has passed Fish & Wildlife inspection, but no kestrel.  It feels like readying the nursery for baby when you are not even remotely pregnant.  My work life has to stabilize before I can even consider taking on the awesome responsibility of an 86 gram meat eating bird.

In the meantime, developing good habits seems a worthy goal.  Meeting my In Zone heart rate every day for at least 20 minutes, taking good care of my little family group, keeping house, paying bills.  I have a digital monitor for the heart rate but all of the rest of it is a bit of a crap shoot.

Stress and Anxiety in Nature

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A lone Mockingbird stays up all night in our neighborhood, rotating through a vast repertoire of learned song snippets that all sound vaguely like car alarms.  Who is that bird and why is he trilling away in the dead of night?

It turns out that he is not calling for a mate, nor does he have insomnia.  He is engaged in a desperate protective strategy for his young, to keep them safe from nocturnal predators.  Thinking about this makes me exhausted when I hear him squalling away in a nearby tree.  When does he sleep?  When does he breathe?

I liked it better when I thought he was just lusty and calling hey baby hey.

So many things about life are like that.  Ignorance is bliss when you can’t handle the cold facts of struggle on the planet.

When I became acquainted with some people in the oh-so-glamorous music industry and heard about how songs make it to the pop charts, I understood that every song we hear on the radio has a story behind it.  Many of the stories are of struggle and heartbreak.  We may be humming, but the people who birthed that song probably have scars to show for their creativity.

In fact, everything around us has a history.  Every effort, invention, manufactured part, “thing” –  has a human story.  The natural world has a parallel storyline that is rarely observed, mourned, or noted by humans.

Back in my bird-centric world, I have been watching a juvenile red tail reluctantly learn how to feed itself, coached by a parent.  It is harassed daily by gangs of crows and it complains piteously when not simply fed by the parent – who is intent on weaning the overgrown chick.  When I don’t see the juvy for a few days I worry that it has succumbed to hunger, disease, injury, or parasites.  Then I see it again and feel happy that it has survived, despite great odds against it.  75% of red tail juveniles die before they see one year.  More die during drought times.

I want to rescue that bird and give him stability and health, survival strategies and knowledge of his own strengths.

It is mysterious that such a basic foundation is so difficult to give and so easy to lose.

I listen to that Mockingbird singing his heart out in frantic worry all night.  I cannot think of a single thing I could do to help him.

Preview the Pest Bird Abatement Book

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An invitation: To check out the first couple of pages and answer some questions I have for you, the reader. If you have a moment and would like to look, please go to

to register your input and help feed the buzz. Thank you.

Life is Dangerous

June 6, 2015 - One Response

My dog broke my nose last week.  We were playing a game of Who’s Got the Biscuit? and I reached under him to steal his cookie out of his mouth on the far side.  Naturally he pulled away from the thieving hand, but that meant that he swung his hard little puppy skull right into the bridge of my nose.  There was a horrible crunching noise.  He dropped the cookie and immediately became Nurse Nancy, licking the air in my general direction by way of apology.  I immediately iced the painful not-bone protuberance until I could not feel it anymore.  I even went to bed wearing an ice cube taped to my nose.  The swelling went down and the black stripe across my bridge was undoubtedly lessened by the frozen attentions.

Just prior to that fun day,  we went for a walk on a beach near Laguna.  The sand was covered with what looked like little crawdads.

Miles and miles of these guys washed ashore, stranded in the helpless bug position.

Turned out they were baby crabs, not lobsters or crawdads.  The warm water brought them in and thousands were tossed on the beach by the tide.  I wondered how it would be possible to call an alert – everybody in the area who cares about such things come down and scoop them up and take them way out beyond the waves and dump them back in the water. That would be brilliant.  But I have no idea how to call up a flash mob to rescue crab babies, and so I just felt sick and helpless as I tried not to step on any of them.

There should be an app for acting on spontaneous kindness.  Some kind of superhero app.  You’d sign up for text alerts.  This alert would be ” Need people, boats, pails, and wide flat shovels to transfer stranded crab babies into ocean from Crystal Cove Beach – Date – Time” and then there would be a symbol like the batman logo.  You could tap it and give your eta.   I wonder how many people would take time and energy to do something like that?  Random acts of generosity for those in need.  Hmmm.

Pest Bird Abatement book now Available!

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Book Cover PBA

A How-To guide for managers of facilities and municipalities in need of Falconry-Based Pest Bird Abatement. Discusses the problems, expectations, and costs associated with raptor guards, as well as how the service works.

Hot off the press, so to speak.

Go here

to find out how to order your copy.

Bird Eat Bird World

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The same day I acquired Hally the Hawk,
( my faux furry raptor, and yes, you can pet this birdie),
she went off on a tear and attacked the much maligned
Phil the Pheasant while he was lounging on the scanner.

Hally&PhilAs if it were not bad enough that Austin routinely turns him inside out.

But turnabout is fair play.
Nikki, the very nearly toy Harris’ Hawk
spied Hally peeking out of a bag in the Raptor Van
and made off with her.

IMG_3145Thus proving that Nikki does have a killer instinct after all.

Is it me? Or are taxes too complicated and weird?

March 13, 2015 - 2 Responses

This year’s tax filing continues the trend of obscure and mysterious tax situations that render the forms nearly incomprehensible.  Take this small section, for example.

Weird Taxes

Here we have a snapshot from a page of the CA State details.

You have to pay tax on rewards received from a crime hotline?  Is recycling income bottles & cans related?  What constitutes a water conservation device?  Getting rid of your lawn will get you a tax discount?  Oh, and my favorite.  There are so many people who won their False Imprisonment lawsuits that they have to put the compensation received for it on the tax form?  And what does the Ottoman Turkish Empire have to do with us and why are we settling financially with them?

There are whole worlds of weirdness that affect us, and about which we know zippo.

Raptor Obsessed

March 4, 2015 - Leave a Response

I have been watching birds during my morning and evening walks with Austin.  We saw this Juvenile Red Tail getting harassed by crows.

HawkFlyByHe is in a light phase of coloring and is molting, as you can see by the gaps in his wing feathers.  It made him easy to recognize.  And a few weeks later there were two of them, both settling back into one, tall, waving palm tree.
Today, the molting one came low to check me and Austin out and Austin barked.  The bird, about 6 feet above my head, visibly flinched, and then came back for another look.

White Belly

Then the other red tail in the palm tree started crying the hawk alarm for DOG! or canine, or coyote.  So I returned the call.  And then there were TWO hawks circling me and Austin low, and the alarm was still on from the Palm Tree.  Three juvenile red tails hanging out together?


Too soon for babies to be out and about.  This is a mystery.

In the meantime


No matter how loud I talk, Tyrion has to upstage me.

7 seconds of exposure, uh, I mean fame, er, something

February 27, 2015 - One Response

So last Friday local Channels 7 & 11 needed a quick bird clip and I was available on short notice.
Here’s the link.  Don’t blink.

Channel 7 copy  channel 7 - 2

Spring Book Bling

February 18, 2015 - Leave a Response

It is most definitely Spring in So Cal.
The Acacia has already come and gone, leaving that nostalgic sweet scent wafting about
that used to be my favorite flower and now gives me a horrendous sneezing fit.

IMG_2928At the New Year we had a two day and 6″ deep snow blast that was all we got of winter
( nothing like what our friends on the Right Coast with 7 feet of snow have to deal with right now).

YardSpring flowers are bursting out all over, decorating the most dour of expressions on the most fearsome of beasties.
This is Nikki.

IMG_2944and I have a book about to come out on Amazon
Pest Bird Abatement Using Falconry: The Client Guide

Book Cover PBA
Written for anyone burdened with solving a nuisance bird overpopulation problem.  I wrote this to give administrators and managers a short cut into the Falconry-based abatement Q & A and decision-making stream.

If you see little birdie terrorists having their way with someone’s lunch or garbage cans,
feel free to mention this resource to whomever appears to be in charge!

Alas, The Berkeley Bubble, issue two of The LiveAboard DocuComic Series is still not finished.
I need to rack up more referrals to the print for less shop if I’m going to get it printed.
It would cost a fortune to print it through Amazon.  Full color and all.
That means finding more people to take advantage of the referral deal of
500 business cards designed for free by me and printed for free by PFL and shipped for $9.30 by FedEx.

Know anyone who needs a nice biz card?


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