I don’t feel guilty about enjoying the apartment.  I visit Bonita and maintain her, but right now she, and that liveaboard life, are in stasis.  Austin has more room to prance and play chase the cookie.  He is safe and comfortable when I go off to work.  Our unit is oriented away from the direct sun and so we stay cool in the shade of the trees even on days like today when it is promising to exceed 90˚ F.

I have a beautiful kestrel house that has passed Fish & Wildlife inspection, but no kestrel.  It feels like readying the nursery for baby when you are not even remotely pregnant.  My work life has to stabilize before I can even consider taking on the awesome responsibility of an 86 gram meat eating bird.

In the meantime, developing good habits seems a worthy goal.  Meeting my In Zone heart rate every day for at least 20 minutes, taking good care of my little family group, keeping house, paying bills.  I have a digital monitor for the heart rate but all of the rest of it is a bit of a crap shoot.

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